Earnings on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cranes

If you are wondering if you earn interest on bitcoin, then check out an interesting way to earn money on cryptocurrency. A bitcoin faucet is a platform where the user receives cryptocurrency for performing targeted actions. Such action most often acts as viewing ads, registering on the site, commenting, etc. Satoshi is paid to an internal wallet after performing an action, which is the minimum unit of Bitcoin. As soon as the amount of Satoshi reaches a certain amount, the user can withdraw it to an external purse.

Bitcoin cranes differ in three parameters: timing (mandatory time between actions), rate (how much the user gets for the target action), and withdrawal limit (after reaching which funds can be withdrawn). This cryptocurrency-earning method requires only the Internet, but you can’t earn much. For example, FreeBitcoin (bitcoin crane) is paying 58 satoshis per action, which can be executed no more than 1 time per hour. It turns out, that you have an opportunity to get 464 satoshis for the 8-hour work day. This is 0,00000464 BTC, which is 0,1 USD.

Of course, you can work on several sites at once. But there is a nuance – if you go to another window while viewing ads, the view will not count. So you can only work on sites with different timings.

  • Advantages: you do not need special knowledge and equipment, and the actions performed are technically elementary.
  • The disadvantages: even with high activity will not get a lot of income, and with some sites, it is difficult to withdraw funds.

PTC websites

This is a way of earning, which was popular 7-10 years ago. Later its effectiveness fallen severely because of the active struggle with click fraud by search engines. PTC means “Paid To Click”. The mechanism is similar to Bitcoin taps, but here the user has to perform one specific type of action – click on the advertisement. For a long time, such sites paid only in fiat currency, but today many resources make payments in cryptocurrency.

Examples are Cointiply, Faucetpay, Adults. PTC websites differ in profitability level, list of cryptocurrencies in which payouts are possible, and minimum withdrawal amount. Each site has its peculiarities, for example, at Cointiply every hour a user leaves a request and participates in the roulette drawing. The larger the number rolled out, the higher the payout per click on the ad. On average, you can get 200 coins (about 2 cents). That is 8 hours to earn about 16 cents.

  • Advantages: as in the case of bitcoin cranes, the user does not need special knowledge or powerful equipment, payments are made in different cryptocurrencies.
  • Disadvantages: low levels of earnings, difficulties with the withdrawal of earned funds, and a lot of fraudulent sites.

Defi Coin

You can buy DEFC through a wallet, an exchange, or directly in the ecosystem itself. To purchase DeFi Coin through the site you need to:

  • Connect a cryptocurrency wallet to the DeFi Swap platform.
  • Select the crypto that will be used for conversion (the most profitable to buy DEFC for BNB).
  • Specify the desired amount of coins.
  • Confirm the transaction.


Ethereum runs on its blockchain of the same name, which is popular among developers of decentralized applications and smart contracts. Ethereum is one of the “veterans” of the cryptocurrency market and has long been considered a major competitor to Bitcoin.

At the same time, analysts believe that in terms of the profitability of investments, ETH may well surpass BTC in 2022. This is because Ethereum is introducing new protocols that allow:

  • Significantly increase the coin’s energy efficiency;
  • Increase the speed of transactions;
  • Assign a small fee for internal transactions;
  • Provide high security for settlements due to closing a transaction only after the parties have fulfilled their commitments.

Also, the fact that there has been increased interest in ETH lately may lead to the growth of Ethereum:

  • IT companies;
  • Technology startups;
  • Investment funds that diversify their assets via cryptocurrencies and are looking for coins that have already proven their reliability, but have not exhausted their growth prospects.

To become an Ethereum holder, a user can:

  • Buy Ethereum on an exchange. This is the most convenient way – most platforms allow trading Ethereum with minimal fees.
  • Buy tokens via payment services or P2P platforms. But you should expect that the commission will be higher.
  • Use the services of online exchangers or street crypto machines.

But you need to be careful because in these cases the risk of running into fraudsters increases.


Already at the launch of the Cardano cryptocurrency project, the developers drew attention to the fact that they implemented a research approach and thought-out methodology. ADA creators specialize in academic research, so when developing Cardano, they applied rigorous mathematical methods, worked through prototypes, and did test runs. Thanks to this, the developers were able to:

  • Ensure that the algorithm works safely while minimizing the energy-consuming protocols responsible for verifying its performance.
  • Achieve high transaction speed, allowing for almost instant ADA transfers between wallets.
  • Additionally, configure the Hard Fork system, which makes it easy and reliable to make changes to the parent software code.

Achieve excellent scalability of Cardano.

The pros of investing in Cardano include:

  • Creating a stable ecosystem, constantly improving the platform with new research.
  • Officially being able to use ADA as a means of payment for real goods and services in some states, such as Japan.
  • The use of the PoS protocol for mining, which simplifies coin mining and significantly reduces the need for expensive equipment.

But according to analysts, Cardano is 2022 a great option for long-term investments rather than active intraday trading. This is because the volatility of ADA is considered low relative to other cryptocurrencies, but the coin shows excellent growth over long periods.

Cardano is a popular cryptocurrency, so you can buy it through:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Exchangers;
  • Payment systems;
  • Cryptocurrency ATMs.


This cryptocurrency project was once conceived as a short-lived joke. However, users took the meme coin DOGE seriously. And now the value of Dogecoin continues to rise regularly.

A serious role in the promotion of Dogecoin is played by Elon Musk:

  • Is investing solid sums in this coin;
  • Actively participates in community activities;
  • Regularly mentions DOGE on his Twitter;
  • Promises to start accepting it as payment for Tesla electric cars and related products.

But experts don’t think Dogecoin is a promising coin just because of the celebrity’s tweets. Dogecoin:

  • Is firmly in the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, indicating high user confidence.
  • It attracts a large number of traders by its low price, and people far from crypto-investments by its unusual appearance. The increase in the number of investors eventually leads to the growth of digital currency.
  • Demonstrates stable development, largely due to a well-coordinated community.
  • It is already being used as a means of payment, for example, for airfare, hotel accommodation, watching TV channels, and attending sports events.

The most profitable way to buy Dogecoin for both active trading and passive investments is to purchase the coin on a specialized platform. To do this, the user needs to:

  • Register an account on the exchange.
  • Top up the account with fiduciary currency by bank transfer or card. Or to deposit the existing altcoins to the exchange cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Purchase DOGE and confirm the transaction.


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Earnings on cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cranes
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